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I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again. My favourite thing about photographing people is seeing the chemistry between two people in love. That’s where the magic happens. It doesn’t come from the cameras I shoot with, or the lenses I choose to use. It happens when two people in love are focused solely on each other. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. I could tell from the moment I met Mackenzie and Mandi that their engagement session was going to be special, and I wasn’t disappointed. We went down to the old Borden Bridge and had an amazing time with them and their sweet little pup, Stitch! My husband and I live 10 min away from this location, so it was really awesome to be able to photograph so close to home and in a place we know so well. We enjoyed connecting with Mackenzie and Mandi so much and we are so excited to be going with them to capture their wedding celebration at the beautiful Grand Palladium in Mexico

Julie Isaac is an award-winning Saskatoon wedding photographer who believes the best kind of love is real, raw, and everlasting. Personable, fun-loving, and a bit of a hopeless romantic, Julie has been behind the lens telling love stories since 2009.

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